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Good Food. Good Health.

Fresh Snacks is committed to bringing students good food – that is delicious, healthy, and accessible food produced as close to home as possible by family farmers and producers that use sustainable, humane, and fair practices.

Our Fresh Snacks products come in the following categories:


Carrot coins or carrot sticks? Cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes? Celery chunks or celery sticks? Take a pick! Fresh Snacks offers 15 different vegetable options; therefore, has 15 different flairs for fun, healthy eating. Take a look at which ones – if not all – sound good to you!

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Mixed Vegetables

If you enjoy the taste of variety, check out our 4 different combinations of mixed vegetables. For example, dabble in the classics with the carrot and celery sticks pouch, or seek the familiarity of the broccoli and cauliflower florets pouch.

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Let the wedges vs. slices debate continue! Fresh Snacks offers 10 different fruit options for the choosing. Although it can be easy to decide on the honeydew chunks or red grapes, you may have to pick a side when it comes to the red apple slices or wedges. But there is no reason why both can’t have a place!

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Crisp, fresh salads provide a nice addition to almost any meal! Fresh Snacks offers 2 different salad arrangements for students. These arrangements satisfy the daily requirements for the dark greens category and bring students one-step closer to healthy living.

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